The Designer, Janet Ennamorato

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to express my love of gardens and nature in the process of designing outdoor spaces for my many clients these past 20 years. Even as early as my time spent at university I find I was drawn to the earth in my studies in physical geography. But it goes back even farther to fond memories as a toddler of warm summer afternoons in my grandfather’s perennial gardens, lost among the late blooming peonies hearing the graceful buzz of a bumble bee or the rustle of the raspberry bush as birds quickly grasped the juicy fruits.

Much later, studies in Landscape Architecture at Ryerson gave me the necessary fundamentals allowing me to create the detailed, scaled and balanced drawings for garden revisions and exciting concepts of structural change and transition to something new and different when needed by the client.I have found it very rewarding over the years to become involved in the creation of both small and large gardens with vibrant colours or muted tones for young families needing play swings or couples requiring the tranquil repose of a patio alcove reminiscent of their travels in Italy.

In recent years, I have become quite involved and enamored with the gardens in the sky – the green roofs and roof top gardens. Whether the herbs and vines cascade over a balcony or the ornamental grasses and sedums flourish on a sloping roof, the benefits of storm water control and biodiversity for our communities is amazing.

The spectrum of emotion and feelings evoked and developed by the options and choice in the combinations of shapes, colours, textures, fragrance, plants, stone, water, light … allow for some marvelous gardens.

Let’s create your dream garden!