Landscape designs ... customized to your lifestyle

Who we are

Creative Garden Designs has been serving residential and commercial customers in Ontario since 1992. We design garden projects both large and small, and have expertise across the full spectrum of landscape styles. Our customers benefit from our full service capabilities which include consultation, design, facilitation of installation and project management.

What sets us apart

Creative Garden Designs is committed to two ideals that, we believe, define a unique and meaningful service.

We listen

The garden design that is right for you is defined by your lifestyle and personality. We start by learning about you so that the garden we create is truly customized to your unique style and preferences. We work with a wide range of suppliers and installers to assemble a custom team that is best for you.

We believe in sustainability

Our approach to design ensures that your garden will be both beautiful and functional as soon as it is installed and for years to come. We also adhere to the principles of environmental sustainability that support local flora and fauna, natural drainage systems and conservation.

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